Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My first try with Picnik


This is the first picture I took with my iPhone last year.
I just took it out and snapped a quick pic of my favorite subject.

A few weeks ago I found what I guess is an App for the internet.  Having to type that sentence makes me feel old.  Facebook? I've had that since I was at GSC and you HAD to be a student to have a facebook account.  MySpace?  I had one and I didn't like it.  Twitter?  I have one now and I follow SteveMartinToGo.

I digress.

I uploaded this picture and pushed a few buttons, pulled a few levers.  Literally.


No more kitchen floor.  No more foot/leg.  And...
He's All Shiny!!

I ended up creating a picnik account because all they wanted was your e-mail and zip code.  It allows you to save and upload more than one photo at a time.  

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  1. I love picnik! You can also use it on your computer through Picasa photo.