Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh My Dears....

I can't believe it was MAY when I last posted!

Moving on: more surfing results and a confession.


Huffington Post

They have a comedy section and a celebrity section that i adore.



what a fun idea.



Oh. My. Goodness.

and now for the "Confession" of sorts.

where have i been since may?  becoming the Coupon Queen.

here's whats gotten into me - I need to quit my job.  my used to be awesome, was in gainesville, had great benefits, paid really well job has become the exact opposite of the aforementioned.

there are these kids that need me.  they are going to need me more in the future.  i will make it work with what i make doing anything but my "job".

This last year has really given my spiritual growth a mature, grow up and look to the days ahead feeling that I have really come to peace with.   Next Sunday at The Highlands we are really getting into The Story, which is the Bible in a novel type version.  I read the first three chapters in one sitting the other Wednesday night.  All the facts were there and it was true to The Word :) Amazing.

Most importantly it's allowed me to listen to God and hear Him tell me that I CAN DO IT without the security/annoyance of my job.  He's been preparing me all year to do this.  Literally, PREPARING ME.

My next post is about my latest adventure: homemade laundry soap.
(yes, you read that correctly)

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